Surgical services include general and dental. These services include both open and laproscopic procedures (cholecystectomies, hernia repairs, tubal ligations, appendectomies and bowel resection) Caesarian sections are also performed in the OR area.

Endoscopies performed in the surgical suite include gastroscope, colonoscope, esophageal dilation, and flexible sigmoidoscopy.

Patients requiring highly complicated surgery such as thoracic, cardiovascular, neurosurgical, abdominal urology or multiple trauma are transferred to a tertiary centre.

The physicians and staff of LWHA request that patients bring all current medications to the hospital for Emergency Room visits, preoperative clinics and planned admissions.  To provide the best possible medication care the health care team must know about all medications taken.  This includes drugs taken by prescription and medicines purchased over the counter.  On occasion patients may have to supply their own medications such as birth control tablets, eye drops, nasal sprays, vitamins and herbal products.  For more information on Medication Reconciliation click here.

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