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Delirium is a condition which has a high incidence in acute care settings and places a significant burden on patients, their families, and the healthcare system. Despite its high incidence and the presence of best practice delirium guidelines to guide nursing practice, delirium remains often underrecognised. It is imperative that front line clinicians and care providers are able to accurately assess, diagnose, and manage this acute confusional state to prevent the many negative outcomes often associated with it. The identification and use of valid and reliable assessment tools such as the confusion assessment method (CAM) can help to reduce and prevent the challenges and sequelae associated with delirium. (Hussein, M, Hirst, S, ; Salyers, V. (2014). Journal of Clinical Nursing.  24, 906–915. Factors that contribute to underrecognition of delirium by registered nurses in acute care settings: a scoping review of the literature to explain this phenomenon.)
The Senior Friendly ACTION team (Lori Ward, Linda Collinson, Christine Gulutzen and Arlene Lanting) will be reporting on progress of our senior friendly project specifically related to implementation of delirium screening on January 19 in Toronto. Next steps in this project will be to broaden the use of the screen, a delirium order set and interprofessional care plan to guide care of a patient with delirium, and focus on prevention.

October 2019
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