Our Commitment

As a publicly funded organization it is important that the Listowel Wingham Hospitals Alliance (LWHA) provide timely, relevant information to the general public on the activities within the Hospitals.   The Accountability & Transparency section of the LWHA website contains information that must be disclosed to meet legislative and regulatory requirements.   We have chosen to also include additional information that we feel would be of interest to the general public with respect to the governance and operations of their community Hospitals.
Our mission requires the Alliance to strive for the best possible care for the people we serve while ensuring that present and future generations have a wide range of safe, high quality hospital-based services available to them as close to home as possible.  In the year ahead, we will continue with our efforts to help improve quality of care and patient safety, and to deliver better value for money with the services we provide.
Karl Ellis
President and Chief Executive Officer

October 2019
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