Visitor Roles and Responsibilities

LWHA Visitor Roles and Responsibilities

1) Remain only in designated areas.

2) Wear all required gloves, gowns, or masks as required at all times.

3) Report injury or illness immediately to a staff member.

4) Perform hand hygiene before entering a patient’s room, upon leaving the patient’s room, and when leaving the hospital. 
5) Please only visit with the patient that you came to see.  Do not move from room to room as this can spread unwanted germs through the hospital. If you are visiting 2 patients in one room you must wash your hands between patients.

6) Before giving a patient any food, drink or assistance, check with the nursing staff to ensure that you meet the patient’s care needs.
7) If a patient has a fall or a spell while you are visiting, ring the call bell for nursing assistance.

February 2019
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