Speech and Language Services

Preschool Speech and Language services (smallTALK)  
  • Service for children 0 – 4 years and 11 months OR prior to entry to Senior Kindergarten presenting with speech, language and/or general communication difficulties.
  • Children can be referred by parent and/or other care provider by calling the smallTALK office 519-272-8216 or toll-free 1-866-333-7716.
  • Child is assessed by a registered Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) If appropriate, therapy may be provided by the SLP or by a Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA) under the supervision of the SLP.
  • Caregivers are asked to bring a valid health card and completed history questionnaire (that will be mailed to the home) with them at the time of the initial visit.
  • The child's health card needs to be presented at every visit for the purposes of registration.
Infant Hearing Screening Program (Listowel site)
  • All newborn babies in Ontario are offered a universal hearing screening (Stage 1) in the hospital, birthing center or midwifery practices before discharge.
  • A Stage 2 follow-up screening is offered at the Community Clinic at Listowel Memorial Hospital to those babies who did not receive a Stage 1 screening due to early discharge or need a follow up visit. Babies may need a follow up visit if the first result was 'refer'. Also, all babies who were considered at risk and passed the screening return for follow up visits.
  • Upon receipt of the referral, a CDA will contact the parents to book their baby’s appointment to perform the Stage 2 screening. They will receive a pass or refer result.
  • Babies who receive a refer result from the second testing will need a more thorough examination. The IHP will refer you to an Audiologist who is an expert in assessing the hearing of babies. The IHP will also offer support to the family throughout the process of identification and follow up should it be needed.
Adult Speech and Language Services
  • Service is available for adults presenting with swallowing problems, voice problems, communication challenges following a stroke and/or brain injury or fluency (stuttering) difficulties
  • A doctor’s referral is required for these services
  • Services are provided by a registered SLP
  • What to bring to your first appointment: a valid health card for registration purposes (bring to each visit) and the referral from the doctor 
Inpatient Services
  • Speech and Language services are available for inpatients in both sites which includes patients within the acute-care and chronic-care areas.
  • Patients are referred by a physician or another allied health professional involved with the client.  
Department hours are:  
Listowel Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.  519-291-3125 x6282
Wingham 4 days/week between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. 519-357-3210 x5289    
***Listowel Patients***
If you are visiting the hospital for outpatient speech therapy (including smallTALK) or Infant Hearing Screening, please note that these programs are located in a separate hospital building on Sarah Avenue directly across from the main hospital building.
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