Maternal/Newborn Unit

Comprehensive Mother, Baby and Family Care Close to Home


·         Only Mother/Baby  program in North Perth and North Huron

·         Care 24/7/365

·         Approximately 150 births annually

·         Collaboration with regional and provincial agencies to ensure quality standard of care


·         6 family physicians who provide care

·         14 midwives who provide care

·         Trained Registered Nurses to support mother, baby, and family in birth experience


·         Pre-birth clinics and well-baby follow up visits

·         On-site surgical and epidural support

·         Private rooms

·         Lactation consultation

·         Family and patient centred care

·         One on one support during active labour


1.     What happens at the Pre-birth clinic? Signing of forms, consents, and paperwork to allow for an easier transition to hospital when in labour.  Discussion of pain management options, birthing plans, addressing any questions, and tour of unit if desired.

2.     What happens at a well-baby check? A nurse will check your baby’s weight and overall health.  Mother’s emotional well-being will also be discussed.  If needed support for feeding that will be provided and any questions or concerns since discharge will be addressed.

3.     Can I have an epidural?YES

4.     Can I have a C-Section if required?  - YES

5.     Can I deliver with a midwife? – YES * consult with your midwife for specific support offered.

6.     What pain management options are available to me? You will be provided with a variety of pain management options that range from non-medical to medical interventions eg. Birthing ball, shower, pain management medications, pain pumps, and epidurals.

7.     What infant feeding support is there for me? Nurses trained in lactation education are available 24/7. If required, an appointment with Fisher Family Primary Care Centre Lactation consultant Monday – Wednesday can be arranged. List of supports, programs and resources available in the community. Staff are trained to support and assist mothers with any feeding decision that she makes.

8.     What are the facilities like? There are two private delivery rooms and 4 postpartum rooms to stay in after the baby is born.  There is a waiting room available for friends and family members. Mothers are encouraged to have their support person/people with them at any time they choose.


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